Spring Decorating Ideas with Florals

Published March 26th, 2019 by Upstateadmin

Happy Spring beautiful people!  There are SO many ways to decorate for spring.  Of course if you want to fill your entire home with pastels or bright colors because that’s your be it.  Do you!!  But if you like a simpler touch or don’t want to break the bank, I’m sharing what URD feels is a simple, cost effective way to freshen up your space for the new season...

Stems, Stems...STEMS - Flowers & greenery!  Real & Faux...A mix of both!  They never go out of style, you can switch up year after year, and they can transform your space in a BIG way.

Anyone (even those who feel they don’t have a decorative bone in their body) can add these touches and transform their home.  While filling vases around the home is a great start, we also want you to think a bit outside your comfort zone.

(1) Fresh flowers - I strongly believe in fresh flowers year round so when your in the grocery store, grab a bouquet and display them. In your kitchen (where you spend a lot of time), your entryway (where you and guests are greeted), your bedroom (where you start and end your day). There is not a single place you put a flower that will not make you smile.  Also, never wait for someone to buy them for you...treat yourself friend, you deserve it ??

(2) Display flowers or greenery in items besides vases.  All types of baskets (head to your local goodwill!), a watering can, vintage boxes, crates, & tins.  You can fill tea cups or painted mason jars in whatever color you are vibing with for spring!  Get your wheels spinning as I bet you have a lot of items at your fingertips NOW that you could put to decorative use!

(3) Think outside the box when it comes to larger decor pieces in your home.  Your chandelier, your decorative artwork displayed, wreaths in your windows vs just your door.  Drape flowers or greenery over your sconces on your wall.  The list is endless, but these not so thought of pieces will make a big spring statement & liven up your home for this much anticipated season!

Take this salvaged piece I have above my fireplace.  I purchased two faux garlands from Michaels Store.  I cut them into pieces and put clear tacks in the back to hold them in place.  An easy spring refresh for my mantle without being too over the top.

Next, my chandelier over my dining room table.  I get it...not everyone has a ladder hanging over their table.  This piece was one of the first things my daddy ???? did for me in my new home 7 years back. Now it is such a fun way to transition decor through the seasons and even swing from when you’ve had to many glasses of wine     What you see here is a mix of 4 florals, all from Michaels Store, that I have hung from the ladder to create a dramatic, spring feel. I have pink roses, Olive stems, (and 2 others I can’t quite remember!). I grouped different ones together, and all are different lengths.  I am not type A and will maybe half A#% something when it comes to my own home, so I did not secure all of these with wire or thread.  You should but I’m lucky enough to have a very dried out vine throughout my I was able to bend 90% if the end of the stems and just hang them from that.  BUT if you want to be a “professional” and have a lot of patience...that is how you can hang them.  The beauty about this is there is no right or wrong way!  Pick some stems you love, some greenery, and get to work! 

URD Would love to hear some places you have placed flowers & stems to bring spring in your home.  

5 Steps to Move Forward with a Dream

Published February 19th, 2019 by Upstateadmin

EEEEEeeekkkk!!!  Hi Guys!  Welcome to the Deeply Rooted Blog & what is referred to as the Be Fiercely YOU series, Blog Numero Uno!  Let’s talk today, about stepping outside your comfort zone...not being afraid to take to steps toward your goals… doing something that makes you feel alive...and ultimately sets your soul on fire.

Am I an expert?  Absolutely not.  Am I wealthy in my new business?  Nope.  Well let me rephrase that...I AM wealthy in a lot but not monetarily here (yet).  Do I have all the answers?  Negative.  Let’s be clear, I am not going to tell you how to start a business, build a website, get clients, make a zillion dollars…but I am going to tell you how we got out of our own way and established our business, brand, clients…and are doing something we LOVE after our initial conversation of launching this business 5 months ago!

(1) An experience that changed the way you think about life -  It’s so vague, right?  There’s no definition of what that truly is because it is different for everyone.  It can be very involved or very simple and is super personal...maybe you climbed to the top of a mountain or ran your first marathon....maybe you woke up one day to miss your child’s play or soccer game because of work for way to many times to count...Maybe you sat there staying at home with your 3rd child crying to yourself every day that you want more...Maybe you’ve been finally hit with the reality, that having a child is not in god’s plan…maybe you overcame some serious demons of your past life and are ready to start anew...maybe you lost 50lbs and feel like a whole new person...maybe you just got into the best relationship of your life …maybe you just lost a piece of your heart and view life a lot different now.  Ding DIng DING!  That was my why, my personal, life changing experience.

(2) There’s “ideas” and there’s “action”.  We all dream, right?  Of what we want, what we want to do, what we want to be.  I can hear my dad saying for the thousandth time...”what do you want to be when you grow up kris”?  While it’s so important to dream, if you want to turn it into need to take action.  It’s the hardest step as you question where to start.  But just START.  You need to visualize, create, plan, and take action.  One foot in front of the other.  

(3)  After you have a plan and take action, DO NOT let other people’s words, opinions, advice (whatever!) decide or detour your success.  This is such a BIG one.  If any of you follow Rachel Hollis at all (my favorite!), I can hear her important, fiery words now.  “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business”.  Preach GIRL!  Let’s remind ourselves of the definition of success.  Success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.  It's important to have big dreams and big goals but do not let those blur your vision of success.  Ask yourself how do I define success?  The answer is simple.  You define it. Not your partner.  Not your parent.  Not your boss…your best friend...YOU!  

(4) Stop overwhelming yourself!  Stop making an unrealistic list of goals to complete!  How many times do you wake up feeling great and saying todays the day I am going to change my life.  I am going to drink my body weight in water, not yell at my kids, cut out sugar and carbs, clean my house, right down my goals for my business, respond to every social media comment, and have dinner ready for my significant other when they walk in the door.  By the time you are done, you have a list of 50 things you want to change before you even start...that’s called BIG FAT FAILURE.  Stick to success for that day or that week.  Concentrate on what you are doing in that moment and give that moment the time and attention it deserves vs. thinking of everything else you need to do while you’re doing something you need to do!  Right?!?!  What did you aim for on this day?  Did you want to start brainstorming about your mission?  Did you start up a social media platform for your business?  Did you aim to start your day with a healthy breakfast all week?  Did you write down 5 names of people you want to connect with?  Did you go for a run to clear your head that has been bogged down by your hectic schedule or your screaming kids?  If you took any kind of action toward your goal...that is success.  PERIOD.  Repeat that...THAT IS SUCCESS.

(5) The comparison trap.  Every.Single.One of us does it.  Please avoid comparison.  When you start a journey of any kind. You typically look for insight and guidance of others that have journeyed before.  And that is awesome, but you have to clearly understand that your mark in your journey, is miles away from there’s.  These traveled souls were you.  They put in the work and time and have went on their journey.  It’s yours & not theirs.  Stop comparing.

Meg and I’s journey here at URD included every one of these steps:

Life event...check  - Loss of my dad.  You will learn a ton more about the impact and loss of my angel under the “Losing a Piece of My Heart” series of our deeply rooted blog. 

Dreams turned into action...check - We sat down and set small goals that turned into action that have continued us on our path of moving forward.  We have completed our vision, mission, branding, website, all the needed legal documents, networked with numerous people, and have closed business.  We did all of this with a crazy chaotic life surrounding us.  All because we have a plan.

 Controlling other people’s thoughts on YOUR goals and letting it affect what we believe is success...check  - I mean if we took on everyone’s opinion about our business we would not have taken one step forward.  “Nobody who has achieved more than you, will ever judge you.” ~ Again…my girl, Rachel Hollis.   Read that is the people who are too scared to step forward that will judge, and throw hesitation your way.  AND that’s ok.  We all start with shaking knees.  

Stop overwhelming yourself…check  - Meg & I are mothers, wives, career woman, active, social (enjoy a cocktail), multi-taskers…among 100 other things.  We have every reason to fail in this category.  We knew right when we decided to open this business that we had to have a clear-cut picture of how we measure success and we set it weekly for our business.  

Not comparing ourselves to others who have similar goals & dreams...check  - Way easier said than done BUT...we are clear to ourselves, our future clients, and future business partners about who we are and more importantly...who we are not.  It’s ok to not fill up everyone’s cup.  You cannot be everything to everyone.  Especially when you start on a new business path.  Again, dream big...always, but set the expectations for those touched by your business upfront.  Don’t overpromise.  And always follow through with what you say you will do.  Mean what you say, always.

Would love to hear the #1 thing standing in your way of doing something that sets your soul on fire?!?!  Is it any of the above?  Something entirely different?  Love hearing friend’s road blocks and insecurities…because we ALL have them.  

Now go spread your magic!

"Daddy has Cancer"

Published February 19th, 2019 by Upstateadmin

Hi "Deeply Rooted" Friends.  Here is "Losing a Piece of you heart Series, Blog #1. “You were unsure which pain is worse — the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will”.

This is what I struggle with the most right now.  I’m in limbo.  When I go there, it’s between these two spaces.  What saves me from living to long in either one... is my kids.  My season of life.  My constant crazy is what does not let me dwell to long in one vs. the other.  For those of you who know me in some form or fashion, know I lost my dad 2 years ago.  Quickly.   Devastatingly.  Heroically.  My life was turned upside down with 3 words and then shattered with the face of my father crossed to other side in an ER bed.  But the journey in between those 2 days has been everything.  I have learned more than any expensive education could ever provide.  I have learned love, fear, hopelessness, strength, courage, fearlessness, family, uncertainty, loyalty, despair, emptiness, friendship, anger, community, fight.  I have learned things no text book could ever teach...and I have learned more about myself than anything else.

Whether your dealing with loss, someone your afraid to lose, a beautiful relationship, a challenging one...Follow me here.  We might not share the same past...or future...same beginning...or end.  You might have a whole other list of feelings above.  But go there. Because loss and grief... Is a very personal path for all...but a commonality that joins us together.  It steals time.  Time you wish you could do different or time you wish you could selfishly relive over again.  Regardless, it’s taken from you without your consent.

I’ll never forget that night in fall 2015.  The distraught sound of my mother’s voice on the other end of the line will haunt me forever and be the start to a journey that shook my whole world.  “Daddy has cancer”.

Have any of you faced those words with someone you love or yourself?  How did you feel in those initial moments?

Career Day Ideas for Preschoolers - Talking Passion & Design

Published February 8th, 2019 by Upstateadmin

I had the privilege to go to my two youngest children's class today for "career day" and talk about my business.  Not only the pride beaming from my babies eyes but to be able to teach all the kids about "passion,’ starting up my own business, and about design…was beyond fun and entertaining.  Now mind you, they are preschoolers, so while I did not use words like "entrepreneur," I did not shy away from teaching them about doing something they love, and building a brand through logo's etc.

I will admit, I was nervous to talk to preschoolers.  After all is said and done, my husband laughed as he said this is a side of me he did not know existed and maybe I should get on stage and wait for it…yes pump up preschoolers!!  If you would like to see for yourself, there is a 6 minute video where you can watch my kid charm in action.  Warning I cringe when I hear my own voice!  Anyone else feel me on that!?!?  If you are talking to a young crowd, there are some things to keep in mind.  Patience!  I am joking but do be prepared when you ask a question for them all to answer at the same time which leads me to my first word of advice…

(1) Engagement – When talking to anyone, you always want to engage but especially this group because their minds cannot stay in one play for a long period of time.  If you just keep talking using words they do not understand without asking them to talk about them in some form, they will be rolling on the floor or picking their nose, all while you talk about “Entrepreneurship” and “Branding”.   I engaged them by asking them to answer questions about “passion” and what gets them really excited.  I told them how design is about textures, patterns, and colors, while asking them what their favorite color is. I had planned interactions showing them a couple logos to see if they knew the brand along with a room we designed (before and after).

(2) Be Prepared – Just because they are preschoolers does not mean you do not need to do a bit of homework and preparation.  I took 30 minutes to sit down and go over the few points I wanted to get across to them, what engaging questions I was going to ask, and thought out my few props I was going to bring.

(3) Get on their level – I sat in a rocking chair very close to them but I even recommend sitting in a kid chair or on the floor with them. They do better when they are on your level.

(4) An Activity – Get them involved.  Bring a prop of something in your job you use that they can see, touch, and pass around.  Do a short activity with them.  I brought in flowers to allow them to take part in “decorating” bouquets for their classroom.  At this age, they are curious and inquisitive and LOVE to do what you do.  Allowing them to be hands on in the process brings them a sense of accomplishment and pride!

(5) Have Fun – And if you have that annoying kid voice (which I do) – Use it!  Be overly excited, animated, and annoying...because you can!  While we may be too much for some in this world, there is never too much of you for children!!

Check out the video!  For those of you who are local in Rochester, NY, this is Holy Cross – Pre- K - Mrs. Stampfer and Mrs. Popovich’s classroom <3


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