Spring 2021 One Room Challenge - Before & After

Published May 23rd, 2021 by Upstateadmin

***Edit September 1st 2022 - I am embarrassed to say I haven’t shared this before and after with you yet!! If you’ve been following long enough, I entered in the Spring 2021 @oneroomchallenge .  While I did not make the deadline to finish, I did finish a month or so after…and never shared the end result with you ????. It wasn’t until a design client we are currently working with asked me about it, that I thought it’s about time I took some pictures.  It’s hard to photograph this room as I am not a professional photographer and there is no natural light.  But, here it is!!!

This bathroom we had not touched since we moved in 11 years ago.  This is now the kids bathroom on our second floor and it desperately needed a makeover.

?? New Paint
??Vanity Makeover
??New Hardware
??New Lighting
??New Decor
??Painted, Stenciled Floors

All in all I am happy with the end result.  The painted, stenciled floors I personally would not recommend.  One, it was not easy to paint on the design.  Not sure if there was a magic trick I was missing but I found the process very frustrating.  In addition, the kids have already had a toy stuck under the door which scratched the paint right up among a few other things.

Hope ya'll enjoyed the transformation!!


5-23-2021 - We have finished week 3 of the #oneroomchallenge and I am a little behind :). Since I am filling my daddy’s boots, it would only make sense to not be on time for a project :). He is laughing at me from above! Thank goodness, I am not doing a massive room!!  So where am I at?  Well, the room is completely ready to get started.  Its all cleaned out and the walls are cleaned to get their first coat of paint on them.  I was going to paint Friday but then realized my spackle (to fill in the holes in my wall) was completely dried out.  That is getting delivered today so this week we should see some progress in the transformation.  I have received a bunch of happy mail and have about 90% of what I need to complete the room!

I was in FL with Meg & our girlfriend for a few days during week 2.  We were painting cabinets & having some fun so I did not get to update you on the overall look I am going for.  If you have followed URD for awhile, then you know my personal style is what I like to call Vintage Farmhouse.  I am naturally attracted to old items that have a lot of texture & stories to tell.  I LOVE to go thrifting and am attracted to unique pieces to be utilized as decor in my home.  My overall aesthetic is just that - vintage, rustic, neutral, wood, patina.  I love to mix old and new, different metals, woods etc.!  While I admire SO many styles, it is hard for me to implement new ones into my overwhelmingly rustic, vintage home.  That being said, when I have a space off the main path…I jump at the chance to be more bold, add in color & elements you may not see in the main areas of my home.  This bathroom is the perfect space for me to do just that!

When I start on a room transformation, I look for a piece as my muse.  Something I am drawn to that can be an overall visual to help me make design decisions on the rest of the space.  Typically it can be a piece of artwork, a rug…For this room, it was this shower curtain from redbubble.  I love the mix of colors - The green, teal, black with that pop of I am not even sure what to call it…if peach, mauve, and nude had a baby?!?!  Whatever it is, I am here for it!  I want to bring in organic elements like bamboo & greenery along with a mix of black and gold.

This room is small but sometimes I think small rooms are the best to go crazy in as it can feel to much when the room is larger.  I like to pack a punch in a small room.  Every room you go into should have a purpose & provide an experience when entered.  What are ya’ll feeling when you think of entering this room?!?! 

Do not forget to follow along at both the One Room Challenge Official website which shows you ALL the amazing projects & also Better Homes and Gardens - The official media partner of the One Room Challenge

Thanks for following along…I appreciate you!

~ Kris - Upstate RootsDesign


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