Spring Decorating Ideas with Florals

Published March 26th, 2019 by Upstateadmin

Happy Spring beautiful people!  There are SO many ways to decorate for spring.  Of course if you want to fill your entire home with pastels or bright colors because that’s your be it.  Do you!!  But if you like a simpler touch or don’t want to break the bank, I’m sharing what URD feels is a simple, cost effective way to freshen up your space for the new season...

Stems, Stems...STEMS - Flowers & greenery!  Real & Faux...A mix of both!  They never go out of style, you can switch up year after year, and they can transform your space in a BIG way.

Anyone (even those who feel they don’t have a decorative bone in their body) can add these touches and transform their home.  While filling vases around the home is a great start, we also want you to think a bit outside your comfort zone.

(1) Fresh flowers - I strongly believe in fresh flowers year round so when your in the grocery store, grab a bouquet and display them. In your kitchen (where you spend a lot of time), your entryway (where you and guests are greeted), your bedroom (where you start and end your day). There is not a single place you put a flower that will not make you smile.  Also, never wait for someone to buy them for you...treat yourself friend, you deserve it ??

(2) Display flowers or greenery in items besides vases.  All types of baskets (head to your local goodwill!), a watering can, vintage boxes, crates, & tins.  You can fill tea cups or painted mason jars in whatever color you are vibing with for spring!  Get your wheels spinning as I bet you have a lot of items at your fingertips NOW that you could put to decorative use!

(3) Think outside the box when it comes to larger decor pieces in your home.  Your chandelier, your decorative artwork displayed, wreaths in your windows vs just your door.  Drape flowers or greenery over your sconces on your wall.  The list is endless, but these not so thought of pieces will make a big spring statement & liven up your home for this much anticipated season!

Take this salvaged piece I have above my fireplace.  I purchased two faux garlands from Michaels Store.  I cut them into pieces and put clear tacks in the back to hold them in place.  An easy spring refresh for my mantle without being too over the top.

Next, my chandelier over my dining room table.  I get it...not everyone has a ladder hanging over their table.  This piece was one of the first things my daddy ???? did for me in my new home 7 years back. Now it is such a fun way to transition decor through the seasons and even swing from when you’ve had to many glasses of wine     What you see here is a mix of 4 florals, all from Michaels Store, that I have hung from the ladder to create a dramatic, spring feel. I have pink roses, Olive stems, (and 2 others I can’t quite remember!). I grouped different ones together, and all are different lengths.  I am not type A and will maybe half A#% something when it comes to my own home, so I did not secure all of these with wire or thread.  You should but I’m lucky enough to have a very dried out vine throughout my I was able to bend 90% if the end of the stems and just hang them from that.  BUT if you want to be a “professional” and have a lot of patience...that is how you can hang them.  The beauty about this is there is no right or wrong way!  Pick some stems you love, some greenery, and get to work! 

URD Would love to hear some places you have placed flowers & stems to bring spring in your home.  

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