• Are you in the market for a new home?
  • Do you need help organizing your current space so that your home is real estate ready? 
  • Do you need help creating a space that other buyers can envision themselves in and calling their home? 
  • Do you need help depersonalizing or decluttering but do not know where to start? 
  • Has your home sat on the Real Estate market for an extended period of time?
  • Do you want top dollar for your biggest investment?

URD provides professional home staging services and are proud to be an HSR Certified Home Stager & Redesigner. The Home Staging Resource (HSR) staging certification program was the first home staging and design training program to become "third-party" accredited by an independent trade association (RESA) back in 2009!

Accreditation matters.

See the facts for yourself...The STATISTICS BEHIND STAGING - According to HSR Certified Professional Home Stagers:
- In 2018, there were 4200 homes surveyed and over 85% of the STAGED homes sold for 6-25% more than the un-staged homes.
- In the same survey, 68% of the STAGED homes sold for at least 9% more than their un-staged neighbor's home.

Staging services can start simple or be a job that is larger in effort. The choice is purely yours but the effort is all ours. We can bring our knowledge and expertise into your home to help you transform the main rooms or an entire home into a space that others can envision themselves (and their families) living in. This can be done through a multiple tiered approach we refer to as Refresh, Redesign, and Recreate.  Based on your needs, you will fall into one of the 3 tiers defined below (REFRESH, REDESIGN, RECREATE).

REFRESH Occupied Staging Package -- $350

Dare to be different - and we ARE!  This is our "basic" consultation but what you walk away with is anything but!

With the “Refresh” package, we will use what you have to transform every space in your home. We will outline how to highlight positive architectural features, minimize liabilities, rearrange your furnishings, consider your color choices, and create a sense of space and environment that buyers will fall in love with! Includes…

- We will spend up to 2 hours walking through the home, photographing each space to contemplate next steps
- We will complete a written Staging Report (13+ pages) and email it within 48 hours. This will be a complete guide to everything you need to do to get your home market ready.
- You will receive a recommended vendors list, and an open house/showing checklist

***For an additional fee (if you choose) we will schedule a day to come in and move your belongings around with our expert eye vs. you doing it yourself.  We will provide a Home Preparation plan for you to complete before we arrive to stage.

REDESIGN Occupied Staging Package:

With the “Redesign” package, we will stage your occupied space through the use of your current furniture along with the enhancement of additional décor items to highlight your own.  This approach allows us to utilize the current foundation establishing large items of the room but generate an entirely new style that creates an identifiable vision for the ideal buyer.  If furniture pieces are needed, we will make note and discuss.  Includes…

- We will spend up to 2 hours walking through the home, photographing each space to contemplate next steps
- We will provide a finalized proposal (within 48 hours) based on our consult and what was agreed to be staged. We will also send a home preparation plan for you to complete before stage day
- We will spend multiple hours in the home preparing and photographing the room for maximum buyer traffic
- We will bring in home accessories and any necessary furnishings that you will rent to update the home & stage the agreed upon spaces.  This pricing also includes the pickup/de-stage as well.

RECREATE Vacant Staging Package:

Staging your home by bringing in rented furniture and décor items.  This tier is best utilized to fill a vacant space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that will attract buyers and allow them to envision it as their own. This is done by identifying the style of the home and aligning industry design standards to completely recreate the space.

Please contact us for additional information regarding our Staging Services and to schedule an initial consultation appointment with your Upstate Roots Design team.  We promise, its worth your investment.

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