Our Mission

We wish our mission statement was quick, basic, and to the point. However, we are everything far from basic.

We are all about the details...especially the details that define your home design and staging goals. We have compiled an overview of what defines our business goals and beliefs when you invite us into your property for design or staging services.

Beauty inside us all

Beauty within a home comes in many shapes and forms. We believe in the concept that beauty pre-exists in each and every home... even if décor/design is not your personal passion. It can be represented in the family heirlooms, cozy old throw pillows, favorite framed photos that you simply can’t part with or any other cherished items (the list goes on). The idea is to spotlight what is already in a home and enhance its existence through additional décor and design tactics. Introducing new items that partner with your existing ones, along with concepts that highlight your personality allows you to keep the beauty of your home true to YOU. There is beauty inside us all and within our homes…allow us help you bring it to life.

Seasons of Life

We understand that every individual or family has different needs. Trust us, we are not just saying this…we really do understand!  A home needs to appropriately represent the current stage of your life. Just like the seasons change in our lives, so does the need to reinvent your space. We are here to help identify those needs with a space unique to you for the season you are celebrating. That may mean the décor stands high away from little fingers or the excessive amount of extra “stuff” that we all inherit over the years is organized in an attractive, unique approach. But it does NOT mean..."don’t sit there or don’t touch that". Staging and home design is about creating a livable, functional, practical space that can be enjoyed by all.  Our goal remains focused on creating beautiful spaces that are lived in, full of love, and a true reflection of the humans (and fur babies) that live there. Let us show you how!

Color outside the lines

Whether you love color or want to keep it simple, our focus is to understand what identifies with you personally. Colors and patterns are a great way to reflect ones personality throughout a home. It is about creating the overall feeling of a home by connecting the colors, lighting, and patterns that reflect your inner roots. Decorating is a form or art and as a representation of yourself, it should be everything but standard. There is always an opportunity to color outside the lines through creative solutions (even with simple and neutral shades). Finding your individual vibe is our end goal. Whatever your preference, we look forward to working with you to define a space that brings satisfaction, enjoyment, and relaxation to you and each member of your family.

Affordable Beauty

The preconceived idea that staging and home design/decorating comes at a heavy cost is one we have set out to challenge. With everything you see on social media and TV today, we understand why you may feel defeated! Here lies our true mission. We are breaking through this misconception, and showing you that you do not need to be afraid of a beautiful space you think you cannot afford. We do believe that investing in a space that you love is worth it…we promise! It is about creating a budget, shopping smart, and finding opportunities to do it yourself. Mixing both quality items that mean something to you with affordable pieces will help to control costs. A beautiful interior can be affordable and we look forward to working with you to show you how. 

Your Perfect Harmony

Just like everything else in life, home design takes time, agility, and needs to happen organically. Believe it or not, there is not right from wrong when it comes to designing your space. It is right…if it feels right for you.  Some of the best customized spaces are true lived in ones that have taken time and effort. It’s about trying it one way and then another until the puzzle pieces fit together to create your personal home interior harmony. Most importantly, it is about having fun! (Yes, we said FUN) and that is what we are here to help bring to your table.


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